News on Tarkka service

Is Tarkka not working? Try this! When new features are updated in Tarkka, you may need to update the files in your browser's cache. To do this, press Ctrl + F5 on the Tarkka main page (Ctrl + Fn + F5 in some browsers), or alternatively clear your browser's cache (Options / Settings → Privacy & Security → History → Clear History).

High resolution Sentinel-2 and Landsat-8 true-color images in the Tarkka service often load close-up when focusing. These images do not cover the entire area of ​​Finland and the Baltic Sea on a daily basis, but areas about 200-300 m wide. Tarkka's background systems (interfaces of spatial data sets, interfaces of water quality data) will be tentatively updated during 2024 between approximately 3 pm and 7 pm on the following days: 26.3.2024 , 28.5.2024 , 1.10.2024 ja 26.11.2024.

New generation of Tarkka service was available since 1st June 2022.


Changes in TARKKA (legacy)


Changes in TARKKA (legacy)


Added new high resolution datasets of river impact areas (years 2018-2021) especially on the Archpelago Sea.


Functionalities and forms (currently in Finnish) for announcing citizen observations conserning pehnomena on satellite images.


Alg@line data of The Baltic Sea from merchant ships have been added to TARKKA.


High spatial resolution surface temperature data have been added to TARKKA.  A dropdown menu for selecting various true color styles has been added. Also a button for downloading csv-files of reference stations' data, for example turbidity data.


More reference stations on Archipelago sea and eastern Gulf of Finland added to TARKKA. Also a button for downloading geotiffs of for example surface temperature data have been included in enlarge map view.


New colormaps for surface temperature and turbidity data have been added to TARKKA. Metadata links have been added to satellite data. Also new buttons for home and closing legends have been added. More images have been added to front page's image carousel.


Google Analytics enabled for TARKKA usage tracking.


Delays in the availability of Sentinel-3 data( The delay also applies to the release of surface temperature products.


A three-image carousel added to the front page of TARKKA.


An English front page has also been added to TARKKA. Minor front page changes.


Delays in  S1, S2 ja S3 data


There may be intermittent slowness and interruptions in the loading of Landsat-8 true color images due to updating operations performed on background systems.


New true-color winter-style style "ARCTIC-NORTH" introduced for this year's snowy winter-time true-color images.


Feature added to the time series graphs of the reference stations: by clicking on the values ​​of the time series there opens a link below the graph. Clicking it allows you to go to the corresponding true color / surface temperature image.


Swipe functionality added to TARKKA's map features. 


To the pop-up window has been added a link to the STATUS service that opens when you click a cell in the EEA grid. This link lead to this cell's statistics page. In addition, when you click on the map, a pop-up window displays the coordinates of the location. Pop-up text changed to selectable (ie. can land and copy e.g. coordinates). View menu order changed.


Added a banner to guide the user to reload the TARKKA page after refreshing by pressing Ctrl + F5


Data from the observation areas of the reference stations have been added to the TARKKA's vector data.


The parameter "scalerange" added to the address bar of the TARKKA, which indicates, for example, the color scale used in water quality data.

25-26.8 &

Maintenance outages in Copernicus service that affect the availability of data in TARKKA. More information:


TARKKA 3 years 


The geocoding service of the National Land Survey of Finland has been introduced in the search function of TARKKA.


A new version of TARKKA has been published ( Includes front page and appearance changes, as well as minor functionality changes.


A beta version of TARKKA published for test use ( ). Includes front page and appearance changes, as well as minor functionality change


The reference stations have been added to SYKE's search interface and thus to the TARKKA's search function. For example, "Länsi-Tonttu".


Source materials for modeling the SeaLaBio project added to TARKKA.


Modeled CDOM data from the SeaLaBio project added to TARKKA.


Historical data on surface temperature from 2004-2011 added to TARKKA.


The PINTA service is disabled.


The so-called "accordion function" has been added to facilitate the management of long product and level lists.


Baltic Sea shoreline data added to additional data from the HELCOM interface ( With index composites, the Baltic Sea region and lakes are "filled" with blue. Lake data changed to view by default for lake ice and index summaries.


Reference station time series updated in TARKKA. The surface set included surface temperature and chlorophyll-a. Time series presentation changed to responsive. Errors in the time series due to spring ice situations have been eliminated with the help of the lake ice product.


Added an information popup window, which tells about current announcements, e.g. in mid-winter, information that there is not enough light for optical satellites in Finland.


Snow Cover and Lake Ice Products added to TARKKA.


Seasonal aggregates of chlorophyll-a as well as river impact areas 2003-2011 added toTARKKA.


Fixed various bugs and features, interface testing.


WFD water bodies name search added to the TARKKA search function.


The WFD water body layers in TARKKA have been made transparent so that only the outlines are visible when the data is added on top of the satellite data.


The first version of the search function has been added to TARKKA. Currently using the BETA version of MML's geocoding service.


Seasonal aggregates of surface algae 2003-2018 added to TARKKA.


Medium resolution (300m, OLCI) algae products added in TARKKA to present with high resolution algae data.


Animation layer and PQD project results animations added to TARKKA.


TARKKA's address bar change: date included to the address bar.


Composite products of turbidity interpretations of the Sentinel-2 satellite added to TARKKA.


English Corine classes updated to English TARKKA (in the popup window that opens when you click on the map).


Responsive time series functionality added to TARKKA. At the first stage, to display Helcom ICES station and remote sensing data together.


1 day compilation of true color images changed to TARKKA as a default feature. It is also possible to choose a three-day compilation.


Adjustable colorbars s for water quality products updated to 7 step colorbars.


Surface temperature interpretations added to TARKKA.


Turbidity and chlorophyll-a interpretations of the Envisat MERIS instrument (300m) added to TARKKA.


True color images of the Envisat satellite's MERIS instrument (300m) added to TARKKA.


True color images of Sentinel-3 satellite's OLCI instrument (300m) added to TARKKA.


Adjustable colorbars for water quality products added to TARKKA.


WFD area-specific image list added to TARKKA. When you click on an area, the image list is updated with dates of cloud-free observations.


3-day compilation of true-color images have been added to TARKKA as default feature. Also a one day compilation possible to choose from.


Public TARKKA service was published.


TARKKA has been published for internal use of VESISEN project group.