User manual (legacy Tarkka)

In the default view of the TARKKA service, a front page appears on top of the interface (Here and now in TARKKA, first image below). This default window brings up interesting phenomena observed by the EO recently. The front page is closed by a cross in the upper right corner.

The basic view of the interface, which is revealed after closing the front page (second image below), shows the latest true-color images and menus that include the basic functions of the user interface: the material selection menu (top left corner), the material view menu (left side) and the calendar menu (right side). Furthermore, the TARKKA interface is updated from time to time. After the updates, in some of the browsers the interface may look incomplete, or some material may not be displayed properly. Most problems can be solved by refreshing the browser with the key combination (Ctrl + F5) or clearing the browser's page history (Options / Settings → Privacy & Security → History → Clear History).

Updates of TARKKA are notified to users via a pink banner that appears at the top. Green banner announces updates of background systems or other information concerning TARKKA. Banners can be closed by clicking the top right corner of the banner.

The home page of the TARKKA service, which shows examples of time series of reference stations, images and links of interesting phenomena, and SYKE-EO's twitter feed.

The basic view of TARKKA service.